Senior loan – Pension loan for the elderly with credit needs

Today, there are many elderly people in the Swedish population who want to borrow money to finance what they dream of. Earlier, there was something called a Senior Loan, it was for all pensioners, but this loan disappeared a couple of years ago. Instead, many lenders today offer other types of loans such as private loans

Subordinated loan: Definition and fields of application of the loan

The subordinated loan is a loan. The biggest difference to other loans is already in the name: This loan is subordinate to bankruptcies. If a creditor has claims from a subordinated loan, he must wait until other creditors are served. In this case, other outstanding debts, such as to suppliers, employees or the bank, come

Private loans without collateral

Private loans are a unsecured loan that you can use for whatever you want. Private loans are also referred to as blank loans and consumer loans. The interest rate is usually set individually and the maturity is usually between 1 and 15 years. There are private loans where you can borrow from 5,000 up to $600,000.

Roll-over credit: definition and mode of operation

Our lives and most of what we own are paid for with borrowed money so that in the future we can enjoy things from time to time in small pieces. So our world is messed up and even the German state is financed by money that we borrow as a nation. So there is nothing wrong with

Billions in damage from fraud with EC and credit cards

Every 100th credit or debit card in Europe becomes a tool for fraud. According to the first report by the Best Bank on card fraud, between 2007 and 2010, 1.2 percent of all cards issued were fraudulently used in the European payments area. The Best Bank estimated the damage caused by card fraud in Europe

Annuity Loan: Comparison of Interest, Definition, Tips

With the nowhere cheaper guarantee from Fine Bank you are on the safe side. At Fine Bank you have found your installment loan offer at the best interest. If you receive a loan offer from a credit institution, including through a credit intermediary (including other comparison portals), that is cheaper than the cheapest comparable loan

Loan Collateral: Types and Examples of Loan Protection

The credit collateral listed above all belongs to the subject collateral or real collateral. The creditors receive the rights to the realization of a claim, a valuable item or the like. These include the assignment, the land charge, the mortgage, the transfer by way of security and the lien. Another form of credit protection is personnel security.