Private loans without collateral

Private loans are a unsecured loan that you can use for whatever you want. Private loans are also referred to as blank loans and consumer loans. The interest rate is usually set individually and the maturity is usually between 1 and 15 years.

There are private loans where you can borrow from 5,000 up to $600,000. Sometimes the maximum amount is lower, for example $400,000 or $350,000.


Is it called private loan or blank loan?

private loan or blank loan?

Private loans and bank loans are the same. In the past, the concept of bank loans was used, but nowadays banks often call their bank loans for private loans or consumer loans.

Technically, yes. Sms loans are unsecured loans, ie, interlibrary loans. This is also the definition for private loans. At the same time, most lenders usually distinguish between what is called sms loans and private loans where the latter has a significantly lower interest rate. Sms loans are usually so-called high-cost credits, which the loans marketed as private loans are rarely.


Is there a private loan with a payment note?

Is there a private loan with a payment note?

Yes, a few lenders offer private loans with a note of payment. There is then a requirement that the payment note should not be newer than 6 months. There may also be a requirement for a maximum number of payment remarks. You may be prepared to pay a higher interest rate if you want a private loan with a payment note. The easiest thing is to use a loan broker if you have payment notes.

No. Under Swedish law, all lenders must make a credit report before you can borrow. For most private loans, UC is used for credit information. There are also some lenders who use companies such as Holdnode or CredRite instead of UC.


Can I collect loans with private loans?

Yes. Private loans work great for collecting expensive loans and credits. At several lenders you can tick that you want a mortgage loan in connection with the application.

It is hardly possible to borrow without income. However, there are lenders who do not require a fixed income. If your declared income from the previous year is too low, you can many times supplement your application by submitting a copy of your paycheck.


Do I have to have permanent employment?

No, not always. Some lenders do not require your employment to be fixed. You can be temporary, part-time or part-time and still get a private loan. Increase your chances of finding a loan that fits by using a loan broker.