Fantasy Congress – A Free Online Game That Combines Fantasy Sports and Politics

Fantasy Congress – A Free Online Game That Combines Fantasy Sports and Politics

fantasy congress

Fantasy Congress is an online game that mimics the structure of fantasy sports. Players build teams of members of congress and collect points based on their legislative activity. It’s a great way to learn about politics while having fun with friends. It’s also an excellent teaching tool for students. It is available for free from the official website.

Politics is gamified in fantasy congress

Fantasy Congress is a popular online game that combines politics and fantasy sports. It was originally developed to focus on midterm elections, but later evolved into a game that focuses on legislation. In the game, players draft their own teams of senators and house members, and compete with other players for points. The game is becoming an increasingly popular way for young people to learn about politics and government.

The first step in playing Fantasy Congress is forming a “league” of lawmakers. Each league has several teams, and the seasons last for a set number of weeks. Players then draft their teams, which then begin the “season.” Points are awarded to their team based on how well their team performs in Congress. Points are earned for floor speeches, member sponsoring new bills, and passing bills in the House or Senate.

The goal of Fantasy Congress is not to win the election, but to educate players about politics. While the information is not as accessible as it might be in a traditional classroom, players find the game to be interesting and compelling, and they keep coming back for more. The popularity of the game grew during the 2004 presidential election, with games matched up Sen. John Kerry and President George W. Bush. While they never quite reached the mainstream audience, the game has become popular among political junkies.

It’s fun to play with friends

Fantasy Congress is a game where you draft senators and representatives. Each season lasts for a set number of weeks and your teams receive points based on their activities in Congress. You also receive points if your legislators are in the news. Players can compete with their friends in Fantasy Congress leagues or against other players.

Fantasy Congress is a great way to spend time with friends. Each member of Congress can only belong to one team per league. Each league has its own rules and regulations, and there’s a commissioner for the league. This person is responsible for determining who can play in the league, how long the season lasts, and other details.

It’s also a great way to learn more about the legislative process and how our government works. Originally, the game focused on the midterm elections, but has since expanded to include legislation.

It’s a way to teach students about politics

The game Fantasy Congress is a great way to teach students about the American political system. It helps students learn about the different branches of government while strengthening critical thinking skills. Students can also use the game to learn about media literacy, data analysis, and compromise and collaboration. It’s fun and can be played by a wide variety of students.

The game is similar to “Fantasy Football,” but differs in how long it takes for a bill to become law. Each member of Congress is ranked based on their contributions to a given bill. If they pass the bill, they earn points. The game was developed by Andrew Lee, a senior at Claremont McKenna College in the Los Angeles area.

It is possible to create your own team by creating an account and joining a league. Once you’ve joined a league, you’ll be able to draft your own team of real U.S. congressmen and score points by being political savvy. Each member of Congress has a different approach to pushing bills and may have different political opinions. So choosing your team carefully will be essential. The game also allows players to question the effectiveness of Congressmen and their policies.

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