How to Become a Breathwork Practitioner

How to Become a Breathwork Practitioner

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If you’re interested in becoming a breathwork practitioner, there are several ways to get certified. These programs are designed to give you the knowledge and skills to serve any client type and level of need. They’re primarily online and take about 21 weeks to complete. Each level focuses on a different topic, but each offers a unique blend of hands-on training, online education, and personal mentorship. Check this out –

Reason Why You Should (Do) Breathwork

Breathwork is an alternative method for emotional healing. It involves focusing your attention on your breathing and allowing it to change. This helps you access altered states of consciousness. Most of us are stuck in our own story and only focus on the symptoms of our problems. Breathwork can help us switch off our monkey minds and access our emotions. From this state, it’s easier to identify and resolve the root cause of our problems.

Breathwork techniques have been used for centuries and have their roots in Eastern and Buddhist practices. However, most modern forms of breathwork therapy emerged during the consciousness raising era of the 1960s and 1970s. It can address issues deep within the subconscious and help you heal past trauma. It also allows you to access your own internal healing energy and inspire creative thought.

Liisa Halme is a certified Advanced Breathwork Practitioner, a yoga teacher, and a Clinical Hypnotherapist. She offers private and group sessions and workshops online and in person. She is the author of ‘A Crash Course in Emotional Freedom’. She loves supporting people to release their own stress and find inner alignment.

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