Coyote Symbolism

coyote symbolism

If you’re looking for some advice about how to live your life, consider coyote symbolism. This animal represents both good fortune and courage. It can also indicate a major life change. You’ll be wise to heed its advice. Using its wisdom can save you from unnecessary mistakes.

Coyotes are fast runners and scavengers. Having a dream involving a coyote indicates you need to shed shackles and take risks in a new direction. Coyotes are also symbolic of new beginnings. A coyote dream could mean you’re taking life too seriously, and that you need to lighten up and inject some humor into your life.

Coyotes are also found in the Bible, where they’re mentioned many times. They’re notorious for their cunning and cleverness. However, they are regarded as shameful by the Israelites. However, in Korean folklore, they’re known as a symbol of devotion and bravery. They’re also fierce defenders of their turf. In Japanese culture, white coyotes are considered a good omen and a symbol of positivity, while black coyotes are regarded as a sign of ill fortune and evil.

As the coyote is a rare sight during the day, its presence can be an indicator of the need to develop meaningful connections. It can also be a sign that life is stagnant and lonely.

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