Questions For USCIS Marriage Interview

Questions For USCIS Marriage Interview

questions for USCIS marriage interview

When questions for USCIS marriage interview couple Emily and Devon petitioned for her husband to come to the US to live with her, they were told that there would be a questioning session by the officer at their interview. The questions would help to ensure that their marriage was genuine and not based on fraud. To avoid any mishaps, they started preparing for the interview in advance. They ensured that they had all the required documents and they were ready to attend their interview on time. They also followed the advice of an immigration lawyer. This helped them to answer all the questions confidently and in a convincing manner.

Preparing for Your USCIS Marriage Interview: Common Questions and How to Answer Them

The questions that officers ask couples can be very personal and delve into their daily lives as a married couple. For example, they may ask the couples where did some of their first dates take place and what attracted them to each other. They might also want to know about their engagement story and how the wedding proposal took place. They might also be asked to give details about their day-to-day life at home, including things like how each of them wakes up, who makes breakfast and what do they usually eat for dinner.

While there is no official list of questions, USCIS and consular officers seem to enjoy coming up with their own unique ways to uncover marriage frauds. In addition to the aforementioned questions, there are many other issues they can ask about. For example, they can ask about the number of assets each spouse owns, if they file their income tax returns together or separately, who does most of the cooking in the household, what kind of shampoo does your spouse use and so on.

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