Clairvoyance – A Powerful Psychic Gift

Clairvoyance – A Powerful Psychic Gift


Psychics that are ma voyance discount have the ability to see images or mental movies within their mind’s eye (the Third Eye). These pictures may appear in black and white, full color or life-like. They can also be a visual representation of something that’s going on around you (psychic vision) or it may be a view into the past, present, or future.

It can be a very powerful psychic skill and can be used to answer many questions. Whether it’s about someone else or about the future, people with clairvoyant abilities can get clear answers very quickly and efficiently. This ability is also called sixth sense, second sight or extrasensory perception.

The Ethics of Clairvoyance: Responsible Use and Boundaries

Clairvoyant people often have a strong imagination and love creative hobbies like art, sculpture or photography. This is because clairvoyant people have a stronger connection to physical reality, but it’s also because their psychic gift manifests in a very visual way.

A clairvoyant person can feel the energy or emotion of another person, animal, or object. They can also see auras or chakras around living beings. They can see a different perspective on a current event (precognition) or they can view events that are happening right now (remote viewing).

Being clairvoyant requires releasing any fears that you might have. That’s why it’s important to practice and use your visionary powers in a safe and healthy manner. It’s best to not over-use your clairvoyant skills, or you might find yourself feeling exhausted and overwhelmed.

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