Container Hire on xChange

Container Hire

Purchasing and owning shipping containers can be expensive and not all companies have the margin or operational structure to do this. In these cases, container rental is an excellent option for businesses who need storage on a temporary basis. Container Alliance members that offer container hire on the xChange marketplace are vetted and certified by our team to ensure they have all the required licensing to lease out shipping containers. This means that when you find a deal on the platform, it’s easy to make the transaction.

You’ll also be able to choose from different sizes of rental Container Hire when you search on xChange. For example, some of our partners offer 20ft rental containers that are ideal for general cargo and some of them even offer 40ft high cube rental containers that can be used for warehousing or distribution. You’ll be able to negotiate price, free days and other terms when you find a container on the xChange marketplace.

The Ultimate Guide to Container Hire: Everything You Need to Know

Some of our Container Alliance members also offer one-way rental containers that are great for businesses that need a container to ship goods from an origin to a destination. This enables you to save on hefty port fees for empty containers and it’s a win-win situation for both parties. This type of leasing agreement is sometimes called an off-hire container in the industry because it’s a container that’s nearing the end of its leasing period and could be sold at this stage.

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