Is There a Mushroom Dispensary Near Me?

Is There a Mushroom Dispensary Near Me?

mushroom dispensary near me

Unlike cannabis, which is legalized for recreational use in several states and provinces, magic mushrooms are not. But that may change soon. The state of California’s legislature passed a bill that would decriminalize the possession, cultivation and consumption of plants containing psilocybin and other hallucinogens, including ibogaine, kratom and DMT, in early 2025. The measure awaits Gov. Gavin Newsom’s signature.

Mushroom dispensary near me of now, the only way for most people to legally obtain psilocybin is by participating in a clinical trial or by applying to Health Canada’s Special Access Program, which requires both a doctor’s recommendation and approval from the government. That leaves unlicensed guides like Ryan in a gray area that’s difficult to police.

The Toronto Shroom Experience: From Foraging to Microdosing

At the Living Church in San Francisco, spiritual guidance comes in a package that’s vaguely space age and evokes the kind of packaging you see on a granola bar or a Honey Nut Cheerios. It’s a sign of how eager people are to legally purchase the psychedelic drug, even though the SFPD doesn’t prioritize enforcement for psilocybin as it does for meth and opioids.

Toronto has seen something similar with its mushroom shops, which opened a few years ago and have been raided by police before reopening. One of those stores, Fun Guyz, now has more than a dozen locations in Ontario. The city recently raided a Fun Guyz in St. Thomas but the shop reopened just days later. The owners say they’re not selling the drugs but instead providing a service to help people heal.

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