How to Find Extra Large Canvas Wall Art

How to Find Extra Large Canvas Wall Art

Wall art is a great way to strengthen your home decor and add a beautiful focal point. However, the proper canvas size is essential for appearance and functionality. An overly large print can overwhelm the room and detract from other design elements, while a too-small canvas can leave bare spaces and make your room feel unfinished.

Can I print on canvas at home?

To find the ideal size for your art, consider calculating a ratio within the canvas’s dimensions. To do this, first determine the dimensions of your furniture and walls. Next, divide the width of the wall by both the height and depth of the furniture to determine the maximum size canvas to use. Finally, multiply this number by 0.6 and 0.75 to calculate the range of canvas sizes that will be suitable.

The 20” x 30” canvas size is a popular choice for family photos and other landscapes, as it allows for wide images with every detail in full frame. Extra large canvas wall art also works well in living rooms and other dining or gathering areas, where a statement piece can stand out above the couch or fireplace.

A 24” x 10” canvas is another excellent option for long furniture pieces, such as fireplace mantels, because it allows you to fill empty space with a panoramic view or detailed photo. These prints also work well in office settings, where they can inspire and motivate employees while showcasing the company’s culture.

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