The Best Online Games For Virtual Chemistry Labs

The Best Online Games For Virtual Chemistry Labs

The Best Online Games for Virtual Chemistry Labs

A number of websites offer สูตรรูเล็ต ที่ดีที่สุด interactive activities that replicate the procedures and equipment used in real laboratory settings. These sites allow students to participate in the lab-based learning that is a vital part of the STEM curriculum. Students can access these labs from anywhere and at any time, providing the same experience as a traditional in-person laboratory.

This site by Carnegie Mellon University offers a range of virtual chemistry labs with interactive simulations, videos, tutorials and concept tests. Topics include thermochemistry, kinetics, stoichiometry, equilibrium and acid-base chemistry as well as oxidation, reduction and electrochemistry. The site also provides a comprehensive collection of resources for teachers including lesson plans and assessment data.

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These interactive simulations allow students to conduct a wide variety of experiments, all designed to provide the feeling of being in a lab. Each experiment has clear instructions and a brief video guiding students before they get started. Students are then given the opportunity to change parameters of the experiment, resulting in a new video and creating an even more authentic experience. Many of the interactives on this site are machine graded, however, teachers may want to check for any potential issues with student privacy before using them in class.

This website is one of the richest repositories of online science interactives and virtual chemistry labs on the Internet. The extensive library of over 150 simulations covers a range of physics, chemistry, biology, and Earth science topics and is available in dozens of languages. The resource also offers a number of features for accessibility such as alternative input and pan-and-zoom functionality.

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