Road Rage Capitals 2021 – Why Younger Drivers Are More Likely to Engage in Road Rage

Road Rage Capitals 2021 – Why Younger Drivers Are More Likely to Engage in Road Rage

Road Rage Capitals

Top Ten Fashion Trends 2023 driving, it can be hard to control your emotions. Traffic jams, other drivers’ bad habits, and being late to appointments can cause stress and anger behind the wheel. But when road rage turns into physical altercations, innocent bystanders can be hurt and even killed. Especially since 2021 has seen a rise in violent road rage incidents, it is important to keep calm behind the wheel, no matter what is happening around you.

While anyone can experience road rage, younger drivers are more likely to engage in aggressive behaviors on the road, particularly millennials (ages 29-43). This is possibly due to the fact that many millennials have grown up in an environment where driving is heavily promoted as an exciting and risk-taking activity, from movies and video games to social media posts about fast cars and dangerous drives.

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Another factor that contributes to road rage is the type of vehicle you drive, with sports cars leading the pack and 4x4s close behind. Drivers of these vehicles often have a desire to maximise the capabilities of their cars, which can lead to dangerous driving resulting in frustration for other drivers.

Road rage can also have serious health consequences, with some victims suffering from mental or emotional problems after an incident on the road. The physical consequences of road rage include cutting off or tailgating another vehicle, blocking a car so it cannot use a lane, physically assaulting a driver or passenger, chasing a driver, running someone off the road, and other dangerous actions that can lead to injury or death.

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