How to Lookup Domain Reputation Signals to Email Service Providers

How to Lookup Domain Reputation Signals to Email Service Providers


lookup domain reputation signals is a key factor in email deliverability. It signals to email service providers that your content is relevant, valuable and trustworthy – a prerequisite for getting into the inbox.

Unfortunately, maintaining a good domain reputation requires monitoring multiple factors across several key areas including authentication, list management, engagement, and feedback. This makes it difficult to pinpoint the exact causes for a sudden decrease in your sender reputation. It is important to correlate a drop in domain reputation with other data points, such as declining open rates and spam complaints.

Domain Reputation Management: A Proactive Approach

To avoid a sudden drop in your domain reputation, you should always follow best practices. A clean list is a must-have: regularly cleaning your lists by removing subscribers who haven’t engaged with you for some time ensures a higher engagement rate and prevents your emails from landing in spam traps. Additionally, you should make it easy for subscribers to unsubscribe from your emails by adding an opt-out button in each message.

Another way to improve your sender reputation is to limit the number of spam reports you receive. Doing so shows that you’re committed to providing only relevant, valuable content to your audience and prevents you from being marked as a spammer. It is also a good idea to provide helpful, timely responses to spam reports to demonstrate that you care about your audience’s experience and value their feedback.

Finally, it is important to avoid using rented or purchased email addresses for your subscription database. Email service providers are on the lookout for marketers who use shady practices, and they’re more likely to flag your emails as spam if you’ve used a shady email address.

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