Canada’s Magic Mushroom Dispensary

As Canada lags behind the rest of the world in approving therapeutic psilocybin, mushroom dispensaries are popping up in Vancouver and Toronto. They operate in a legal grey area, selling the drug to people who don’t have a health care practitioner’s prescription or other authorization to take it. The federal government has largely turned a blind eye to them. Go here:

Psychedelic Paradigm: The Promise of Magic Mushroom Dispensaries

Ybor City’s Chillum Mushrooms and Hemp was one of the first dispensaries to start selling mushrooms that are technically legal. Its products don’t contain the psychedelic substance psilocybin, but they do make you trip, according to the company.

Psilocybin is listed as a Schedule III drug under the Controlled Substances Act, and its cultivation, sale and possession are illegal in Canada. But there are exemptions for people with mental-health conditions who need to access it for therapeutic reasons.

Taking magic mushrooms can change the way you see, smell and hear and cause you to feel very light or heavy. They can also induce ‘flashbacks’, where you experience a bad trip again later. You are at higher risk of side effects if you take them with other drugs, including alcohol and some psychiatric medications.

A lawyer who specializes in drug policy told Global News that police may choose not to enforce the law against these stores, depending on factors such as noise complaints, reports of sales to minors or links between a store and organized crime. He says they have more pressing issues to deal with and are likely more concerned about the cannabis shops that have opened up in bigger cities.…

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Why You Should Hire a Pool Cleaning Service

A pool can be a great way to stay pool cleaning service in the summer and can be a gathering spot for family and friends. However, it’s important to keep the pool clean and safe for swimming. Having a pool cleaning service can help with this and make sure the water is treated properly to prevent infections. Some of these infections include E. coli, which can cause mild to severe diarrhea and can be fatal in young children and the elderly. Another common bacterial infection is Shigellosis which can cause fever, nausea, vomiting, cramps and headaches. Proper cleaning and chemical maintenance can reduce the risk of these infections.

Pool cleaning services can take care of basic pool maintenance, like skimming the surface, brushing walls and vacuuming surfaces. They can also inspect and repair the pool equipment, and ensure water chemistry is balanced correctly. They can even perform acid washes and tile cleaning to get pools looking sparkling clean. Choosing a reputable pool cleaner is essential, and you should look for one with CPO certification to be confident they have the training and experience necessary to deliver quality service.

“Dive into Cleanliness: Understanding Pool Cleaning Services

Many pool owners choose to hire a professional cleaning service because they don’t have the time to clean their pools themselves. This is especially true for those with busy schedules, including people who travel for business or those who live in a city where weather conditions can change the demand for pool service. In this case, hiring a dependable cleaning service that uses route planning and optimization software to save them time on the road can be an affordable way to keep their pool in tip-top shape.

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Grasse, the Perfume City of France


The Cote d’Azur is a belverde dream: fields of lavender, rose, jasmine, mimosa and other flowers fill the hills surrounding Grasse. They provide the raw materials used by the world’s top perfumers to create their olfactory masterpieces. The region’s unique microclimate and fertile soil encourage flower farming, and Provence is now the largest producer of scents in the world.

It’s not hard to see why Grasse is dubbed the ‘perfume city of France’. Perfumes have been made here since the 16th century, when local tanners used scents to mask the smell of their leather goods. As taxes on leather increased, tanners switched to perfumes and the industry grew from there. Today, Grasse’s perfume houses still dominate the world market.

Finding Inspiration: Ibiza Chic and Other Design Trends

Visitors can learn about the art of making perfume in small and large perfumeries. Perfumers, or “noses,” use their expert knowledge to select the right ingredients and combine them in just the right way to make a beautiful scent. Often, the perfumers will be happy to answer questions and even allow you to sample different scents to see which ones speak to you.

For the full experience, visit during lavender season from July to August. The scented fields are an unforgettable sight and you can take guided walks around the Fragonard and Molinard factories or a perfume creation workshop. The latter includes a Champagne welcome, and you’ll leave with your own 90ml bottle of personalized perfume. Other workshops include a perfume discovery and an introduction to the science behind creating a scent.…

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Mighty Dog Roofing of Atlanta Expands to Northwest Atlanta

Mighty Dog Roofing of Atlanta

National roofing franchise Mighty Dog Roofing of Atlanta is bringing its world-class roof installation, repair, and house improvement services to Northwest Atlanta and the surrounding area. Local owner Abhijit Natu has already launched a new branch in Doraville, and the company is also serving Central Atlanta and other nearby areas.

The roofing contractor specializes in the installation of all types of roof tiles, and it offers gutter systems, siding, attic venting, and windows as well. Every Mighty Dog project is “paw stamped” with a craftsmanship warranty, which is augmented by a free yearly maintenance checkup known as Mighty Watchdog. In addition, the company can help homeowners apply for insurance claims on storm damage.

Vinings Roofing Company: Elevating Your Roofing Experience

Mighty Dog’s cutting-edge technology includes virtual property visualization that allows homeowners to see how different tile, shingle, and slate options might look on their homes. The company’s local presence in the Northwest Atlanta area also means that it can provide timely, affordable roof and home inspections to residents. Listen as Colin Fogarty, owner of the North Fulton Business Radio edition of Mighty Dog Roofing of Atlanta, shares some vital advice about roofing, maintaining your roof, and choosing a contractor to work with. For more information, visit the official website of Mighty Dog Roofing of Atlanta.

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What Does Insolvency Mean in Business?

Many factors can contribute to a insolvency meaning in business. Inadequate cash flow management is one of the most common causes, as it can lead to a shortfall between cash going out and money coming in. This can be caused by a variety of things, including a sudden expense (like tax bills or supplier invoices) or a drop in sales that makes it impossible to hit revenue targets.

There’s also a risk that a company will become insolvent due to bad investment or acquisition decisions that result in a drop in value of the business assets. A final contributing factor is rising vendor costs, which can lead to companies passing on these additional expenses to consumers, which reduces consumer demand and leads to a decline in sales.

Decoding Insolvency: What It Means for Your Business

Insolvency is a serious financial issue that can have several negative consequences for businesses and employees alike. It can lead to insolvency proceedings, which means that legal action will be taken against a company and its assets may be liquidated to pay off debts. However, there are other options to avoid insolvency such as debt restructuring. Debt restructuring involves negotiating with creditors to restructure the payment terms of outstanding debts. Creditors are typically willing to do this because they want to get paid for the money that they lent to the company, even if it is on a delayed schedule.

There are a few different types of insolvency for businesses, including cash flow and balance sheet insolvency. Cash flow insolvency happens when the company doesn’t have enough cash to meet its debts and other outgoings as they come due, whereas balance sheet insolvency refers to the value of a business’s liabilities being greater than its assets.

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