Sports News Online

Sports news online is a clearinghouse of information about different sports. It combines current scores for major sports, as well as news about the teams and players involved. It also provides statistics and analysis of the games.

The first comprehensive, ดำเนินการต่อ regular sports section in a newspaper was created in 1880 by the New York Herald. By 1920, newspapers dedicated about 20 percent of their space to sports. This was fueled by the growing popularity of baseball and college football and radio coverage of these events.

Many of the most influential and groundbreaking writing in sports journalism has been produced by writers for newspapers. For example, Duncan Mackay and Steven Downes wrote about doping and fixed races in cycling, while L’Auto established the tradition of a leading racer wearing a jersey the color of its sponsoring paper (the same tradition is now followed in Italy with the Giro d’Italia).

Athletics Update: Track and Field Highlights from Around the Globe

More recently, sports journalism has been driven by a number of web based outlets. A major site is Deadspin, which focuses on the more extreme side of sports news and is famous for its eye-catching headlines. Another is Yahoo! Sports, which combines current scores with sports news and features a fantasy sports hub. SB Nation offers a wide range of sports coverage, with sections for USB, soccer and college sports. It’s part of the Vox Media collective, so it benefits from a strong editorial staff. It also allows contributors to post without a paywall, although they generally must be approved by the editorial staff before posting.


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